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Zucchini Breakfast Waffles

I have to thank my friend Vanessa for sharing this wonderful recipe with me. Until this entered my world, my breakfast had been limited to oatmeal, my spinach feta cheese omelette and a few other pancake recipes.

Zucchini Breakfast Waffles - Island Girl on a Farm.com

Zucchini breakfast waffles are clean eating, delicious and healthy. They are also a grain-free, sugar-free and gluten-free alternative to traditional waffles. I’m sure if you didn’t have a waffle maker that you could use this recipe to make zucchini pancakes and it would out turn out just as good.

We start by combining grated zucchini with eggs, coconut milk, coconut oil. Then we add coconut and almond flour, along with “pumpkin pie” spices( cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger) for a nice, thick consistency.

Clean Eating Zucchini Breakfast Waffles - IslandGirlonaFarm.com

Scoop mixture onto the waffle iron, bake until done…Voila!

Tip: Make this ahead of time the day before and refrigerate or freeze them. Pop them into the toaster and eat them as is or top with raw organic honey, coconut oil, maple syrup or your favorite sugar-free jam.

Clean Eating Zucchini Breakfast Waffles - IslandGirlonAFarm.com


Ok now onto some Deeelicious Zucchini Breakfast Waffles. Is your mouth watering yet?


[yumprint-recipe id=’3′]Top with coconut oil, honey, or your favorite sugar-free jam and you are good to go.

It would absolutely make my day if you left a comment about this recipe :). Even better if you tried this yourself and can testify to how delicious they are.

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