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Quinoa Cilantro Salad

Mmmm…quinoa. Mmmm cilantro. Quinoa+cilantro=Happiness for my taste buds( and yours too!)

Whenever I happen to be near my neighbourhood New Seasons or Whole Foods, I always try to get a small container of their quinoa salads because they are so deeeelicious! I have tried and failed many a times to replicate these salads -until this weekend(yaay!)

I wasn’t really having any luck finding any good recipes that combined quinoa and cilantro well, so I started experimenting until I found a combination that turned out perfect. I bought this salad to the family Easter dinner last night and it was definitely a hit – so I figured I would continue to spread the love here on the blog :).

I came across Tabbouleh salads recipes and I love love love the combination of ingredients. Fresh, tasty and nutritious veggies and all-natural ingredients. Doesn’t bet any better than this people.

If you’re wondering, Tabbouleh is traditionally a Mediterranean salad made with bulgar, parsley and a combination of various veggies. I swapped out bulgar and parsley for quinoa and cilantro to make some kitchen magic happen. The dressing is a fantastic mixture of lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and low-sodium soy sauce. 

Hey Guess What? This recipe is paleo,vegan,vegetarian and clean eating-friendly! How often does THAT happen?

Ok here we go:

Quinia Cilantro Salad, Quinoa Cilantro Tabbouleh Salad - IslandGirlonaFarm.com

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Tips & Notes:

  • Salad is served best cold or at room temperature
  • Prep this salad in the morning and then have it for lunch or as a side for dinner in the evening
  • You should absolutely try that divine salad dressing on your other salads!
  • The low-sodium soy sauce is the only thing that would contain gluten in this recipe. If want to make it gluten free, substitute the soy sauce for Tamari (link to Amazon). Also check your local health food store.

So what do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below,and please tell me if you tried it or have your own variation of this recipe.

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