My Goals for 2014

At the end of 2012 when I sat down to plan out 2013, I had this epic, amazing plan that looked just plain fantastic on paper. I had all these elaborate goals, and I even had them categorized into personal, business and financial. I had 24 personal goals, 13 professional goals and 7 financial goals, for a whopping total of 44 goals that my over-achieving, type-A personality was hell-bent on accomplishing in 2013.

Did I have a great year? Absolutely. 2013 was Amazing. Fantastic. Awesome. Wonderful. Phenomenal – throw in any other synonym you can think of but you get the general idea. For me, being the Lonestar Island Girl in Oregon( minus my “baby” sister who is a graduating senior from college this year – aah!) the amount of family time I got this past year has put me on Cloud Nine.

Did I get to put a check mark next to all 44 goals ? Absolutely not. That right there was a Big.Fat.Epic Fail. It looked so beautiful on paper I almost framed it…


Guess how many of the 44 goals I actually managed to accomplish in 2013? 10. Yep – 10 out of 44 equals 22.7%. Epic Fail.


I have no one to blame but myself for setting unrealistic expectations and therefor setting myself up for failure. I read these awesome books and these great blog posts for goal setting and accomplishment ( think S.M.A.R.T. goals here) and what happens? My ever-active brain goes into overdrive and suddenly I think I’m SuperMom and of course I can overcommit and get this done!

In reality I am a WAHM and I have two very young, active little boys that keep me quite busy not to mention these things called laundry, friends, cooking, sleep, housework and bills that occasionally require my attention. Add the husband to that list too.

This year I am cranking it way down (like 100 notches) and keeping it simple and realistic. I have so much that I want to accomplish but I am finding more and more that if I just take things slow, and focus on one thing at a time ( with consistency and intentionality) then it will get done and get done well instead of half-butt well.

Instead of this massive brainstorming session where I locked myself in a room with two cups of coffee for two hours, I just asked myself two questions:

  •  “What do I really want to spend my time doing this year?”
  • “What are some things that I know I need to get done but having been putting off?” (Light bulb!)

And within 30 minutes I came up with my simplified 2014 Goals:


1. Declutter and simplify my life and our house – clothes,email, paperwork, toys, books and everything else.

2. Consistently do a monthly budget and consistently track our expenses.

3. Save towards buying a newer car by the end of the year.The Subaru isn’t doing so great these days.

4. Consistently do a weekly menu plan that supports our grocery budget and clean eating lifestyle.

5. To start my personal blog (this blog that you’re reading) and stick with blogging at least twice a month. I want to do more( like once per week) but I know that’s unrealistic right now.

6. Taking the time to learn and increase my web design skills so that I can grow my web design business.

7. Read 5 of the gazillion books in my Kindle account ( darn those free daily Kindle deals!) and take action from them by the end of the year.

8. Be more intentional about recording and displaying family photos and events. This year I am hell-bent on getting them off the phone, tablet and computer and into picture frames, calendars, photo albums or a home movie slideshow. Thank goodness iPhoto organizes pictures for me by month and date. Yes I am a Mac lover. I would be in big trouble otherwise.

9. Exercise consistently( 3-5 times) a week. Chalene Johnson is my new best friend.

10. Home Improvement : Finish our Master Bathroom! ( Considering that this was supposed to be finished before Dominic was born, and he is almost 19 months old we will see how this goes.)

And there you have it! It doesn’t look all that fancy, and there is so much more I want to add here but I do not want to set myself up for failure again. I don’t want to  look back a year from now and realize that I once again accomplished less than half of my goals. I want to have realistic accountability for myself. The power of focus is unmistakable.

I realize that some of these goals are broad and not too specific. That’s ok because this is just a starting point for me. I plan on taking it a step further and coming up with some action steps  for each individual goal ( sorry type A personality taking over a little here), which I’ll be sharing on the blog throughout the year.

To give you an example:

Goal: Save towards buying a newer car

Action Steps:

  • Figure out what kind of car we should get for our growing family ( brand, type, certified used, private sale etc.) – any suggestions are welcome!
  • Do some research online to find out prices ( craigslist, auto trader, etc.)
  • Create a separate savings account and start to set monthly savings towards purchase
  • Show up to dealership 6PM New Years eve and proceed to torture car salesman with ninja negotiation skills

You get the general idea :).

Hey thanks for reading!What are some of your goals for 2014 ?


8 thoughts on “My Goals for 2014”

  1. I love your list of goals! They are so well thought out and I truly believe you can accomplish each of those items. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

  2. Regarding tracking expenses, have you used It’s a great little program, and it automates the bulk of the work of charting finances.

    Regarding car purchase, I recommend lease-to-buy. You decide what you want, within the framework of what vehicles currently have lease specials. For instance, my Scion XB would have been about $350/month if we were to buy it, but we’re paying closer to $200 a month to lease it. At the end of the three years you refinance and purchase it. It costs a little bit more in the long run for overall purchase price, but not that much more… and $200 a month for a brand new car with a great warranty is really quite nice 🙂

    When you get closer to purchasing, let me know, and I can ask my hubby for suggestions (he sold cars for 10+ years – he has some great hints/tricks.)

    1. Hey Becky! Thanks for stopping by girl it was so great to meet you today! I have used before in the past and I should start using it again. As far as the car lease goes, we prefer to pay cash and avoid debt – Dave Ramsey fans here :). I would still love to chat with your hubby as the time draws near he may be able to teach me a few things :)!

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