Clean Eating Mac N Cheese. A recipe by Island Girl on a Farm

Clean Eating Macaroni & Cheese

Clean Eating Macaroni and Cheese ? Say what ???

Chef Fabio Viviani said it right when he called Mac N Cheese America’s “comfort food.” We all know that this delicious dish, which is a staple in many households is probably not the healthiest of options, but boy it sure tastes good! Now that I follow a clean eating lifestyle, many of the the traditional Mac N Cheese recipes, including my own, were off the table ( awww man!)

What’s a girl to do with all that white pasta and the rather excessive amounts of dairy?


Clean Eating Mac N Cheese. A recipe by Island Girl on a Farm

Yep. I was absolutely determined to find a way to “clean up” this household staple because it is one of my favorite recipes to make. Whenever we host parties or holiday dinners at our house, you can bet you will find this dish among the options. I’ve made it so many times that I practically have it memorized.

After some tweaking here and there, I was able to whip up this “cleaner eating” version of macaroni and cheese recipe. I say “cleaner” because there is still some dairy in this recipe, primarily in the cheddar cheese. Should you be having this for dinner every night ? Probably not. You know the rule, everything in moderation here.

Here’s what I love about this recipe:

  • It tastes awesome 
  • It’s a healthier, lower-dairy alternative – no butter, eggs or multiple cheeses
  • It beats the processed stuff that comes in a box any day. Honestly, I was never a fan to begin with. I will take homemade macaroni and cheese over Mac’ N Cheese in a box any day, any where, anytime.
  • You can make this gluten free( see below recipe for details)

Allright, Chrissy I get it…gimme the recipe – sorry just trying to build the you go 🙂

[gmc_recipe 163] 

To make this gluten free:


Obviously you can tell we really enjoy this dish…

Clean Eating Mac N Cheese by Island Girl on a Farm

So what do you think ? What other ways can you make clean eating Mac N Cheese ? Leave a comment below!

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